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Where Can Video Contents Be Published?

Updated: May 21, 2022

As Monomotion Studio, we have prepared an article on where you can publish your video content productions. Good reading!

If you've made a video but still haven't chosen where to post your content, take a look at the platforms below. The most popular video streaming platforms:

· YouTube,

· Instagram,

· Facebook,

· Twitter,

· TikTok

Bu platformları daha detaylı bir şekilde tanımlayalım.

Video Content Production for YouTube

YouTube is a video-only platform with two ways to post content: stories for short videos and regular posts for larger content. You will need to work harder on your quality to be successful here as the competition is huge. Limits are set to 12 hours long or 128GB of space, whichever comes first.

Instagram Videos

Instagram Videoları

Instagram focuses on visual content, including photos and videos. There are multiple ways to upload your materials - posts, stories, highlights. Each type requires a different content format in terms of size and length, so be sure to optimize your ideas accordingly. Stories accept videos of up to 15 seconds, while for regular posts the limit is 1 minute.


Facebook is more serious than Instagram because it does not generally focus on a single type of content. There are long texts, images, videos, stories, live streams and many more ways to share your opinion. Videos can be up to 240 minutes long. You can also integrate YouTube content while streaming.

Videos in Twitter

Twitter is mostly used for short texts, but videos are also acceptable. The maximum video length is 2 minutes 20 seconds, so make sure your content is properly optimized.

We recommend that you focus on Instagram and Facebook because it's a little easier from the start to promote your brand there.


TikTok videoları

This platform, which has become quite widespread especially in the last few years, is now one of the most used social media applications. TikTok, which is one of the most preferred platforms for advertising purposes, has started to become a very lucrative platform. The video length duration on TikTok is currently 3 minutes. According to our research, efforts are made to increase this time between 5-10 minutes. This means that they are slowly moving towards becoming a platform like Instagram and Youtube.

It is very important to know these platforms in detail and share your videos. Consulting an expert on this matter takes you one step further. As Monomotion Studio family, we give you the best service. By consulting Monomotion Studio, you can learn how to produce and publish content on which platform, and if you do not have a video, you can access the best quality content thanks to Monomotion Studio. For detailed information, you can contact us immediately!

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