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6 Things to Pay Attention to When Adding Music to Your Videos!

As the Monomotion Studio family, we have done many mind-blowing video production works. Part of video production is adding music to prepared videos. Based on our success in this business, we would like to share with you what we pay attention to when adding music to videos.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing music for your video:

1-Target Audience Profile: First, you should take into account the characteristics of the target audience that will watch your content, such as their age, gender, interests and language preferences. Adding music to your video that your target audience mostly likes to hear will make your video stand out from others.

2-Content and Message Compatibility: The music in your video and the message to be conveyed in the video must be compatible. While you can choose calmer music for educational content, you can choose more lively and exciting music for entertainment content.

3-Tone and Emotion Compatibility: The emotion in your content and the music you add should be compatible. For a sad content, you can choose softer, acoustic music with emotional lyrics, while for a funny content, you can choose more lively, cheerful and high-rhythm music.

4-Volume: It is very important to add music to the background of the speaking parts of your video content without drowning out the speaking sounds in order to understand the content.

5- Brand Compatibility: If you are preparing the content for a brand or institution, you should take care that the music and content are compatible with the brand image and identity. Choosing music that reflects the values of the brand helps your brand make a strong impression.

6-Interaction: In order for your video to stand out and receive more interaction, using current or popular music on the date the video will be published can bring you together with more viewers.

When choosing music for video, determining the right music is important to ensure the video is delivered effectively. If you want your videos to be prepared and delivered in the most effective way, you can contact us.

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