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What are the Video Production Stages?

As the Monomotion Studio family, we have done and continue to do video production work for many brands and corporate companies since 2019. So far, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about video production. In this article, we will share with you our information about video production stages.

Video production is a process that includes the planning, shooting and final editing stages of making a video or movie. Generally, professional video production is the process of creating visual content to tell a specific story or convey a message.

Video Production Basic Stages:


1-Concept Development: The first stage of production is to determine the main concept of the video content. At this stage, ideas are exchanged to determine the target audience, the main idea and video style in which the message is intended to be conveyed. The process of creating a scenario and storyboard also begins at this stage.

2-Scenario Writing: After the concept is determined, a script is written that determines the details of the video content. The script includes the order of scenes, dialogues, characters and other important details. The script ensures that shooting is more organized and efficient.

3-Pre-Production: After the script is prepared, the production team starts planning all the details such as location selection, actor selection, shooting schedule, equipment and set needs. At this stage, important details such as obtaining permits and logistical arrangements are also addressed.

Production: After the pre-production is completed, the shooting process begins and this is the stage where the actual production will take place. This stage begins with the installation of equipment. Camera operators, sound crew, lighting crew and actors come together to shoot and act out scenes and shooting begins. Shootings are planned according to the scenario and proceed in line with the shooting schedule.

Post-Production: After the shooting is completed, the editing and editing phase of the video content begins. Necessary edits are made, effects are added, color corrections are made and other visual and audio elements are arranged. Additionally, music and sound effects are added at this stage.

Each stage is an important part of the video production process and all stages need to be taken care of to achieve a successful result. As Monomotion Studio, we continue to offer effective storytelling and quality visual content to the audience with good planning and attention to every stage. You can also contact us for a carefully planned video production.

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