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In today's increasingly digital world, one of the most preferred types of promotional films by businesses is drone shooting.


Thanks to the advancing technology, the drone models are also very advanced, so you can shoot from the air with high quality images.  


If you want to immortalize your company, events or good days with drone footage, contact us and let's plan it right away!


Monomotion Studio Drone Shooting Examples

Drone Çekimlerimiz

Drone Çekimlerimiz
Akçansa Port Tanıtım Filmi (Monomotion Studio)
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Ceselsan Makina Tanıtım Filmi (Monomotion Studio)
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Monomotion Studio - Drone Showreel 2022
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Thanks to Drone Shooting;

  • Bring your brand to life.

  • Bring your target audience's focus to your brand.

  • Attract attention with different approaches and shooting techniques

  • Make your special days and events immortal.

How Do We Design Your Drone Footage?

  1. As Monomotion Studio, we first listen to you and take our notes.

  2. With our experts in the field, we plan for the event to be filmed and draw a roadmap.

  3. After receiving your approval, we perform your drone shooting with the highest quality with our advanced technology equipment.

  4. After the editing and assembly process, we present the last video to your liking.

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