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LinkedIn Videos to Boost Your Brand Awareness and Engagement

Updated: May 21, 2022

With the growing popularity of LinkedIn, marketers around the world have recognized the platform's ability to transform from just a social media platform to an effective B2B lead generation tool. You can increase your brand awareness with LinkedIn videos.

More than 300 million video views were achieved on the platform in 2017. But 4 years later, some marketers still don't realize the extraordinary business opportunity LinkedIn native videos have. Today the Monomotion Studio Family will discuss some of these opportunities and how a business owner can take advantage of them and smell success.

LinkedIn videoları

The Growing Trend of LinkedIn Video Marketing

As you can see, videos and video marketing have gained wide popularity in recent years and have been instrumental in generating a significant return on investment. Statistics say that companies that leverage video content for their marketing activities increase revenue by 49% compared to those who don't. This has had a positive impact on LinkedIn video marketing for brands. More and more videos and animated content are shared and watched. Companies that make good videos, especially Monomotion Studio, have started to come to the fore in recent years.

The Rise of LinkedIn Videos in E-Commerce

Coming back to LinkedIn videos, LinkedIn has become one of the largest professional networks in the world and continues to grow. Therefore, each content shared on the platform directly affects a brand. As is well known, LinkedIn leaned primarily on textual content before moving to a more visual approach. Recently, we have seen that video content has increased considerably.

Sharing high-quality videos on LinkedIn is essential to building bona fide brand authority. The way to get these videos is through the expert. You can prepare your videos in the best way possible by contacting Monomotion Studio.

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Our Case Studies to Improve Your Brand Awareness

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