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5 Tips to Make Your Videos Highlight Easily

In this article, as Monomotion Studio, we wanted to touch on video promotion tips. How do you promote a video? Without good publicity, no one will be able to see your video. That's why you should at least learn the basics of video promotion.

video tanıtım ipuçları nelerdir

Optimize your Promotional Content

We talked about length limits for several platforms earlier. Also note that they have specific requirements for size, including length and width.

If your content doesn't meet these requirements, your video is unlikely to be popular on the service. Imagine yourself as a user! You definitely want to watch things optimized. If you cannot do this yourself, contact Monomotion Studio immediately.

Use Thumbnails

Do you know what a thumbnail is? The thumbnail is the preview image you see before watching the video. It's a great tool for all social media because you can greatly increase your video views with engaging photos.

YouTube users in particular use thumbnails of the video before posting the video. This helps others know ahead of time what to watch.

Add hashtags

Everyone knows Hashtags increase engagement. This concerns all social media. Hashtags are like a search tool; They are very similar to keywords.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags, YouTube accepts 3 and Facebook has no direct limit, but using 10-30 keywords is recommended.

Share Your YouTube Videos

Let your community on Facebook and your followers on other social media apps know when you post something on YouTube. You never know when ads will work that way, so it's best to do your best to promote content manually.

Engage with Promotional Reviews

Besides using videography tricks, you should also remember that your target audience is real people. The more you interact with them, the greater their loyalty.

Leave the reactions and answer the questions. This will make the algorithm submit your content higher and encourage users to write more.

video tanıtım ipuçları

The choice is yours!

Will you create commercial, professional or blog videos? The services we mentioned help you do more than that!

It will be healthier for you to consult a Video expert for the best results.

As Monomotion Studio, we would be very happy to provide this service to you! As Monomotion Studio, we apply all of these techniques in the best way. Promote your videos in the best way by contacting us now!

If you are interested in this article, you can take a look at our "LinkedIn Video Content Types" content.

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