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4 Types of Video Content You Can Use to Get Featured on LinkedIn

There are various types of videos you can share on social media.

LinkedIn video içerik

From these social media

video content to be produced for LinkedIn is distinguished from others due to its corporate language. We, as Monomotion Studio, have listed the LinkedIn video content types for you. These:

1. Local Videos

2. Embedded Videos

3. Sponsored Video Ads

4. Live Broadcasts

Local Videos

Local videos are video content uploaded directly to LinkedIn or created within the platform. The normal duration of such videos ranges from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. These local videos automatically play in the user's news feed, resulting in more engagement. Native video orientation can be horizontal or vertical; however, it should be kept in mind that vertical videos are cropped to a square to fit the user's stream. Videos must be rendered in such a way that real scenes remain intact despite cropping. Engage your customers and enjoy an increase in your traffic and ROI with LinkedIn native videos.

Embedded Videos

Embedded videos are videos that were originally posted on other networks or channels and then shared on LinkedIn. The concept is pretty simple. Ideally you can share your video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting platform and then share the link on LinkedIn. There is a great advantage to using embedded videos as you can reuse the same content across multiple channels. This greatly increases your engagement and view rate.

LinkedIn video içerik

Sponsored Video Ads

With sponsored video ads on LinkedIn, you can define a specific audience and create personalized video content based on the buyer persona. These videos will be featured in the feed of these audiences, giving you more engagement and more qualified and engaged leads. Even more interestingly, these videos can be up to 30 minutes long, meaning you can show live details of your products and services to your chosen audience. To make the most of LinkedIn videos in 2021, I think most people invest in sponsored ads that make hundreds, if not thousands, of buzz and reach out at a time.

Live Broadcasts

Featured in 2019 and still in beta, LinkedIn Live Stream has already generated excitement among LinkedIn users, as a result, the platform has seen a significant increase in live video content. However, to post a live video, you must obtain prior permission from LinkedIn by submitting an application. After getting approval, you can start publishing your content. But remember, you can only post through third-party publishing tools on LinkedIn. Here are the four main types of videos you can use for your brand awareness building activities and other marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

Now if you ask where to use them and how, there are many ways to achieve this. Don't be overwhelmed by so many options, though; just find the right one and start sharing your content.

It is very important to shoot the right video, set the target audience and choose the best time to share. As Monomotion Studio, we provide this for you. If you want to contact Monomotion Studio, you can write to us immediately.

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