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Brighter, More Visibility; 10 Tips for Better Lighting in Your Videos

Mükemmel video içerik üretebilmek için en önemli yapı taşlarından biri aydınlatmadır. Gerçekten kötü aydınlatma yapılmış bir video içerik kadar kötüsü yoktur. Tüm çalışmalarınızın boşa gitmemesi ve daha en baştan kitlenizi etkileme şansını yitirmemeniz için Mükemmel Video İçerik İçin Aydınlatma Taktikleri yazımızı sizler için derledik.

1. Shoot All Day and Look for Natural Light Sources for the Best Indoor Lighting

Video İçerik Üretimi Doğal Işık

When preparing to shoot at home, consider daylight for a soft light. Natural lighting is the easiest and most cost-effective light source you can think of. Choose the "golden hour" for the shot, that is, the time just before sunrise or sunset to get the perfect lighting. Make sure the light isn't too harsh or too dark as either one can ruin a good video. You can also choose a slightly cloudy day that is neither too dark nor too sunny. If you think the sun is causing your eyes to squint, get a translucent white curtain to block out excess sunlight.

2. Create Three-Point Lighting for Low Darkened Rooms

Another foundation for a great shooting setup is two or three point lighting, a mix of 2 or 3 lights. The first is the primary light, which provides most of the lights for your video, and the most powerful is the Key Light. It is the light source that makes the subject stand out and helps create dimension and detail. The key light should be placed just in front of the subject, approximately 45 degrees up or 45 degrees to the right or left. Fill light usually eliminates shadows caused by key light. This light source should be placed directly in front of it. One rule of thumb is to keep the fill light at about half the intensity of your key light so it's not a straight shot as both lights are closely matched. Finally, there is the backlight, aka the edge light, which must be placed between the key and the fill light and be completely out of the shot. A backlight distinguishes the subject from the background, creating depth and a soft glow in the background. It also prevents flat-looking shots. Keep these guidelines in mind if you're shooting for your next high-quality YouTube, Vimeo, or any demo video. The three-point lighting setup helps create a perfectly balanced and controllable light distribution as well as good lighting for home videos.

3. Turn On A Pair Of Lamps For Perfect Indoor

Lighting At Night

When shooting at night, you can use bulbs to distribute the light evenly. Strike a balance between diffused yet bright light. To be precise, place it at a 45-degree angle on either side of your face and lift it slightly above your eye line.

video içerik ışık kaynağı

4. Try Cheap Lightweight Equipment for Video Content

Videographers on a budget and without professional lighting kits can invest in a few pocket-friendly products. Clamp lights, LED video light panels usually come cheap. You can also buy a second-hand item in good condition.

5. Try Affordable Color Filters for Different Hue

One of the great video lighting tips for beginners, use colorful filters to create colorful lighting effects. Color filters are super useful pieces that help you get the best shot without paying too much. Basic heat resistant color filters, such as blue gels, are inexpensive at any camera hardware store. Blue gels help transform a light bulb's bright yellow hue into a soft, white filter.

Video Renk Filtresi

6. Black Wrap Saves the Day!

Ideal for masking any light leaks and eliminating unwanted reflections, this lightweight studio aluminum foil variant is a real lifesaver for anyone who wants to shoot on a tight budget. By wrapping the foil around the edges of the light source, you can gain precise control of your light and absorb unwanted reflections.

7. Don't Confuse Your Lighting

Don't flood yourself and your video with an insane amount of mixed light. Completely pointless. Why would anyone think of messing up all the lights around their home, creating a devastating result!

8. Be Careful With The Backlight

This even applies to your Zoom calls. Never overdo your backlight or it may backfire! It may look very artistic and cinematic, but for simple photos you can forget it and focus more on your front light.

9. Shoot Video Content Outdoors in the Sun and Shoot in the Shade

When shooting in the sun, it is very important to find a shadow and work on yourself. Harsh lighting can make your face twitch, ruin your photo or video, and prevent your audience from engaging with your content. You never want your face to look weird and crooked.

10. Shoot Outdoors at Night Under Street Lights

Shooting outdoors at night is much more difficult than shooting during the day. But when it comes to being responsive to your customers, you have no choice but to take a shot. And as expected, videos shot at night look dark, blurry, and shadowy. But did you know that you can easily get rid of this mess?

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