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What Should Be Considered While Shooting Live Broadcasts?

Updated: May 21, 2022

Hello, As the Monomotion Studio family, we have created this blog to inform you about the things to be considered while broadcasting live. Let's examine it together.

With the development of technology, it has become very easy to shoot live broadcasts. In fact, almost anyone with a phone and camera can directly broadcast live with applications such as Instagram and Facebook. Live broadcast videos are a very effective tool, especially to increase interaction on social media and to implement a different content plan. When we look at the social media trends of recent times, we can see how important live broadcasts are. However, since people do not know what to pay attention to in the live broadcast shooting, unfortunately, they deprive their viewers of a quality live broadcast. So, what are the things we should pay attention to when shooting live broadcasts?

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1) Appear on camera if you're the one talking.

While people are watching a live broadcast, they prefer to see the person speaking on the camera on the live broadcast. For this reason, you should make sure that the camera is showing you or the person speaking.

2) Do not forget to introduce yourself and the environment you are in.

For example, if you are broadcasting in your company, explain to the audience which company you are in, where your position is, and who you are. In this way, your audience will establish a connection with you and they can contact you through your name or company.

3) Tell your audience what you are going to talk about on the live broadcast.

It's very easy for people watching a live stream to be distracted. For this reason, before you start speaking, you should inform your audience about what you are going to talk about. Thus, you manage to keep the relevant ones in the video.

4) Look professional throughout the live stream

Audiences generally love to listen to people who seem more knowledgeable and more confident than themselves. So remember to look professional.

5) Look natural but be prepared.

canlı yayın çekilirken nelere dikkat edilmelidir?

You need to make sure your broadcast is natural. Because natural live broadcasts have always been more sincere to the audience. However, the fact that the broadcast is natural does not mean that you will be unprepared. Do not forget to prepare for the topic you are going to talk about. Thus, you will not get stuck during the conversation and ensure the fluency of the broadcast.

6) Pay attention to sound quality!

It is very important to have good sound quality in live broadcasts. The audience may endure a poor quality sound, no matter how curious about the subject, and want to leave the broadcast. That's why you can control your voice by putting another friend on the live broadcast.

7) Pay attention to continuity.

Take care to shoot live broadcast videos within the framework of a certain plan. This will allow viewers to know when to watch you and will increase your audience.

All this is the first step to a professional shoot. However, live broadcasts are not as effective as having a professional team. As Monomotion Studio, we make your live broadcasts perfect and plan them together with our expert team. Contact us and schedule a professional shoot!

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