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Animation Video Overview

Updated: May 21, 2022

If you are new or interested in the industry, you may have noticed that animation works are constantly mentioned.

Sometimes we don't know the meaning of the words we hear all the time. For this reason, we, as Monomotion Studio, have written animation videos in detail for you in this article.

What is Animation?

First of all, let's talk about what animation is basically.

Animation is the process of making still images appear to move with the illusion. People who create animations are often called animators. Animators use equipped computers to animate various inanimate images.

The development process of an animation includes the stages of designing, drawing, designing layouts, and preparing photo sequences.

Another word you will hear a lot in this process, multimedia means multimedia and is the combination of visual and acoustic material from different sources combined into a final end product.

Animasyon Videoya Genel Bakış

There Are Different Types of Animations

  • Traditional 2D Animation: This technique, also called 2D animation, consists of drawing the movement frame by frame on paper and transferring it to transparent transparencies.

  • Cut-out animation: It is the name given to the technique of moving parts of characters and objects separately.

  • Stop Motion: In this technique, the object to be moved is photographed one after the other with slight changes in each frame.

  • Rotoscopy: In this method, which has been applied since the early years of animation, movement is produced by drawing on the image of real actors.

  • 3D Animation: It can be summarized as the creation and movement of objects, places and effects by mathematically defining them on the computer in a 3D coordinate system.

  • Motion Capture: It is the name given to the transfer of the movements of real actors to the 3D skeletal system.

  • Procedural Animation: It is the name given to modelling, rendering or animation made with a script. It is used heavily in video games and visual effects.

It can be exemplified as the most well-known and most frequently encountered of these types.

Animasyon Videoya Genel Bakış

Animated Videos Have Different Uses

  • Advertising

  • Music, dance and performing arts

  • Music clips

  • Animation film

  • Real-time movie (as visual effects or anime characters)

  • Digital game

  • Architecture and project implementation visualizations

  • Interactive media

  • Promotion

  • Flight etc. technical simulations

  • Installations

These are some of the usage areas.

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Sample Videos of Our Animation Video Works

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