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What are the Differences in the Production Process of 2D and 3D Animation Videos?

Updated: May 21, 2022

Due to their nature, 2D and 3D animation videos reveal different usage areas and production processes.

If you are one of those who are curious about the animation world, we, as Monomotion Studio, will explain the differences in the production process of animation videos.

Before we start, let's give you a simple definition of 2D and 3D animation:

2D animation is usually a flat, two-dimensional drawing. The 2D animation process includes the creation of characters, storyboards and backgrounds in the two-dimensional world. It starts from simple sketches and develops into detailed designs and images.

3D animation, on the other hand, is the process of creating characters or pictures in a digital environment in a three-dimensional space. Unlike 2D, in 3D the movements are unlimited, showing you images or characters from any angle.

2D ve 3D Animasyon Videoları

Difficulty Making Revisions

We agree that 3D animations look more realistic and livelier. But making any revisions to 3D animations is also more difficult. Because 3D animation production is done through some mechanical processes.

Modeling, Texture, Animation, Lighting and Rendering are some of these processes.

In 2D animation production, these mechanical processes are much simpler. Simple is always easier to revise.

Production Process

2D animations use a more "flexible" drawing method to save production time, while 3D animations use full computerization for production, making it more complex. While 2D animation usually shows flat and depthless animation where you can only see one angle of the character, with 3D animation you can see the character from all angles. Both animations take time to produce quality animation, but 3D animation takes more time due to the complexity required to achieve a more detailed result.

Frame Rate of Animations

Another difference between 2D videos and 3D videos is their frame rate. The most well-known name for this is "fps".

The images per frame for 2D can also be kept minimal. When there is not much movement, we can reach a result by drawing only 2-3 frames per second.

In 3D animations, the characters should look lively and dynamic. This means drawing many frames per second for even the smallest movement. Therefore, the number of frames per second for 3D animation production will increase, making the process much more complicated.

2D ve 3D Animasyon Videoları

Production Costs

Complex is always more costly. But that 2D is bad, so it doesn't necessarily mean you should opt for 3D animation. Both techniques have usage areas and it is up to you and the professional team you work with to choose the right approach for your product. It's all style. Each is a method of storytelling, and both have their uniqueness.

As Monomotion Studio family, we find the most suitable animation video type for you and offer it to your service at the most affordable cost. For detailed information, you can contact us immediately.

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