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How to Create a Product-Oriented Explainer Video?

Updated: May 21, 2022

Getting your money's worth from your product-focused explainer video can be a bit of a challenge.

Creating an animated explainer video is a long process and takes time, patience and a lot of dedication.

There are many ways to go great and transform an explainer video. You need to encapsulate your brand's voice and aesthetics in a 60-second animation and at the same time get your message across... We know, it's hard.

That's why we've compiled a list of tips to consider before getting into your explainer video production process.

ürün odaklı açıklayıcı video

Make Everything Relevant to the Customer!

Don't make the explainer video about yourself, your brand, or whatever your business is. Make a list of all the customer pain points and issues you hope to solve for your users.

When a viewer watches your explainer video, they should instantly know how much value they will gain if they buy your product or sign up for your service. You need to be able to connect with the problem so that they go beyond just a viewer and become a customer.

Choose the Right Agency for the Explainer Video

Choosing the right explainer video company is essential if you want your idea to become reality. The company's goals and values ​​should align with yours, and they should be as dedicated to video as you are.

Before making a commitment, review their portfolio, references and don't be afraid to ask them questions. If you want a customized and unique animation, let them know about your wishes so the agency can agree with you.

Our Monomotion Studio team listens to you in your product-oriented explanatory video production process, understands your wishes and needs and comes up with an action plan accordingly.

Video Script Is The Key To It

Your explainer video scenario should not look robotic. Make it warm, fun and personal. Your audience should feel like they're listening to someone talk to them and be able to accept anything.

It's imperative to start very strong to grab your viewer's attention so they don't immediately leave the video. As mentioned earlier, the script should focus only on the client and what they want from you. Only talk about how good your brand is when you think it's absolutely necessary for a viewer to become a customer.

Avoid jargon and technical terms and make the script as simple as possible. If even a 6th grader can figure out what the message is about, you might think you did a good job.

Choose the Right Video Style

ürün odaklı açıklayıcı video

This is where many companies and brands get stuck. With so many illustrative video styles (2D animation, motion graphics, live action, screencast, stop-motion, whiteboard animation, kinetic typography and hybrids) it can be daunting to get lost among them and not be sure which one to choose.

However, there are some ground rules for you to get out of this situation. For example, if your explainer video is about software and you want to explain how it works, it makes sense to go with a screencast. But if the goal is just to promote a service, 2D animation is for you.

Want to explain something? You can continue with motion graphics or whiteboard animation. And if you just need to send a message, kinetic typography will be the best choice.

If you are still unsure of a style, feel free to mix styles and mix them.

There is no limit to creativity.

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Sample Videos of Our Product Oriented Explanatory Video Studies:

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