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Is Creating Video Content Sufficient for Success? 5 Ways to Achieve Success

Updated: May 21, 2022

Video content production is an indispensable requirement for any business or institution that exists in digital. But just producing video content and sharing it is not enough. There are some steps you need to follow at this point. We have compiled 5 ways for you so that your efforts are not wasted.

1. Make Sure You Add Subtitles to Your Video Content

85% of Facebook videos are watched silently and this trend is on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It's pretty similar on other platforms like. So if you want to get a high ROI from Facebook, make sure to add captions to your video posts.

Including subtitles has a good chance of getting your content to a wider audience, even the deaf people who make up over 5% of the world's total population. Subtitles can also be translated and you can have multilingual subtitles for your videos. This greatly helps the non-English speaking audience and further increases your viewership.

And not only that, subtitles are also used by people in a noisy train, libraries etc. It helps to watch videos in problematic situations such as

video içerik üretiminde başarı

2. Schedule Regular Video Uploads

Google always favors regular updates, which is a vital rule for your strategy. Remember, consistency is key. Your viewers will love it if they see that you have implemented a special schedule to broadcast your content.

Since videos are an essential part of your online marketing activities, it's always better to plan your content ahead of time to avoid any date slipping. Many popular Youtube creators tend to lose viewers because they are erratic in uploading content. So make sure your strategy focuses on consistency and regularity.

3. Plan Your Content Ahead

The previous point brings us to this point. Planning your videos not only saves time, but also keeps your audience base intact and maintains your SEO quotient. Marketing strategies to help your business grow include pre-planning of your scenario, scheduling, hashtags and keyword analysis etc. should be determined accordingly. Also, planning your content ahead of time avoids any last-minute rushes or missing an important point. A winning strategy should leave nothing to the last moment.

4. Edit Your Videos Effectively

You've shot or compiled your animation masterpiece. Wonderful! But what happens next? Does your strategy include editing your video? Video editing may seem daunting, fortunately, there are multiple free video editing tools available online that organize your content effectively. Connecting with your audience depends heavily on a polished video, so no matter what industry you're in, you should be aware of video editing tips. Include video editing as one of the most important points in your strategy.

video içerik üretiminde başarı

5. Optimize Your Videos by Professionals

Forget everything you know so far about regular SEO when it comes to optimizing your video content for search engines. Video SEO algorithms have changed drastically in recent years, and if your strategy doesn't include updated apps, nothing will happen!

It goes without saying that some jobs are better left to the professionals because that's their job. Likewise, for your branding/marketing videos, you'd better reach out to a professional video production team and let them take care of your regular projects. As Monomotion Studio, we aim for the best in your video production processes and we work for it.

Optimizing your videos for SEO and aligning them with your target audience is a comprehensive job that only professionals are good at. Only agencies with a positive online reputation and vast industry experience can turn your efforts into a real success!

If you are interested in this content, you can take a look at our article titled "5 Ways to Create an Effective and Profitable Video Marketing Strategy".

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