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5 Ways to Create an Effective and Profitable Video Marketing Strategy

Updated: May 21, 2022

In order to be effective, win and always move forward in your marketing journey, it is necessary to create an effective and profitable video marketing strategy. Thanks to this strategy, you can increase your sales and have an impact on your target audience. We have compiled 5 ways for you.

1. Use the First 10 Seconds Wisely

Video Pazarlama Stratejisi

People's attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Currently, our standard attention span is only 8 seconds, which is one second less than a goldfish's attention span. In the early 2000s, the average human attention span was 12 seconds. With this huge transformation in mind, the opening scene of your video content needs to be engaging. The best way to achieve this is to immerse the viewer in the video with something they haven't seen anywhere else or talk about their pressing problem. You can also try adding interesting thumbnails as content when uploading your videos to Facebook or YouTube. These thumbnails are basically the first thing that catches our eye, so if made interesting, viewers are likely to choose to click through and see what's inside. So even if your video is a masterpiece, if you can't connect your audience in the first 10 seconds, it won't be watched.

2. Create and Stick to a Sensible Budget for Video Marketing

Another golden rule when creating your video-based marketing plan, always think ahead and stick to a budget. Your budget is what controls extra spending and keeps your investments in check. Create a preliminary budget and set some realistic, achievable parameters and stick to this roadmap.

Creating a video may seem expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You don't need to spend big bills on high-end equipment and cameras to get started. If your budget allows, connect with a professional team for a short marketing video and give them your creative brief and let them do the strategizing. We can assure you that Monomotion Studio is the best choice for you.

Alternatively, if you have an extremely tight budget, you can start creating short video content on your smartphone. Let your budget dictate the types of videos you want to invest in.

3. Build a Relevant Audience Base on Facebook to Target

If you're asking yourself how to build a video marketing strategy, building a solid audience base is extremely important. Make sure you create a buyer persona based on your target audience and current user behavior. This will help you create the exact type of content that will appeal to your target audience. And when it comes to content distribution, nothing can beat Facebook. Super-in-depth targeting can be used to build an ideal audience base. Segment your audiences by age, gender, geographic location, and language. After resetting your audience, adjust your video strategy accordingly.

Video Pazarlama Stratejisi Oluşturmak

4. Focus on the Storytelling Approach

This in itself can be a rule of thumb for marketing strategies, as it's always recommended not to appear salesy or offensive in your emails, social media posts, or other marketing materials.

Likewise, not selling too much on your video content is a must. Otherwise, you may lose value instead of adding to your field. Instead, focus on providing actionable and valuable advice in a storytelling fashion. Statistics say that over 80% of consumers prefer brands to tell stories rather than directly promoting their products or services. A storytelling can easily present a real-life situation to a target audience. Your script needs to have emotion, humor, and brand essence. So connect with your audience like a storyteller, not a salesperson.

5. Choose Video Content Type Wisely

Not every content you create will be liked by your audience, as preferences vary. Some may like how-to videos. Some may like descriptors or promotional content. Some may even choose to watch behind the scenes or Vlogs.

Create a balanced mix of your content types and start framing the script accordingly. Even if you're just shooting a Vlog on your smartphone, think about exactly what you're going to say to the camera, to your audience. If you're presenting any interview video, make sure the lights are perfect on your subject, the audio is clear, and there's no visual jarring. Studies say that 80% of people would rather watch Facebook Live than a non-live pre-made video. So make sure your video content strategy has enough room for live streams.

We know how exhausting it is to deal with all of this individually. Fortunately, we are ready to be by your side throughout your entire video content marketing strategy process. You can start being successful right away by contacting us.

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