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Reasons to Do Video Content Marketing

At least 93% of marketers say video content production is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Simple texts and images are no longer so reliable. People want more driving, action and drama. Combine these components in one video and the results will amaze you!

Companies that produce video content also explain their products better. Increased understanding of a product or service leads to the generation of sales.

It is also used in all sorts of ways, including videos, social media posts, promotional campaigns, email marketing, tutorials, and many other ways. The production of content has become much more affordable with the advent of multiple software solutions so that anyone can create professional videos even on their smartphones.

If we evaluate from the user part; Did you know that 54% of users ask the brands they support to share videos as advertisements or posts? By using Video Content, you will both use a more reliable marketing method, increase your brand awareness even more, and increase your sales.

video içerik pazarlama

How Should Video Content Be Prepared?

You should prepare Video Content in line with your customers' tastes and your goals. For example, if the customer's favorite color is blue, you should not prepare the video in green. The most important thing is to have the video done by an expert.

As Monomotion Studio family, we prepare your videos in line with your goals and customers. As Monomotion Studio, we add a professional touch to your videos and make them look much better.

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Our Sample Video Content Marketing Jobs

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