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How Confident Are You About Your Brand's Corporate Identity?

Hello to everyone!

Since this is my first post here, I guess I need to introduce myself; My name is İdil. I'm a graphic designer at Monomotion Studio. From social media posts to animation storyboards, from character design to logos, I've been busy with a lot of visual content coming into our studio. As a matter of fact, after the briefs are filtered by the project managers, when I enter the creation process, I first get my hands on it because, as you know, being a graphic designer is to embody and express the information in the air. Sometimes I work with very strong, sometimes very classic, sometimes very entertaining brands. Of course, the first thing I look at before scribbling is the identity of the brand. What I mean by identity is not just a corporate identity guide; social media language also includes very general items such as hierarchy, vision and mission on the website. In this process, if the brand knows what it wants, where it comes from, and where it is on its way, it already shows this on every platform. That's why it's so fast to work with brands that know themselves. Colors, language, attitude… Everything flows like water.

I want to elaborate the flow of the work a little bit, because I know you will ask: "Ms. İdil, what does this have to do with brand identity?", it has a lot to do! First of all, as I mentioned before, the brand that knows itself knows very well what it wants because it already knows itself. Just like human personality and relationships, right? Following that, the self-aware and knowing brand already comes to me with a very solid corporate identity guide, which cuts things short critically. Examples on this subject could go on forever. For example, it takes 2 hours before I ask the brand which font you use and get an answer from them. In fact, a post could have been finished already in those two hours. As a matter of fact, both the designer and the brand want the same thing; minimum number of revisions. That's why the corporate identity guide is so important. Finally, one of the issues where a strong and well-established corporate identity is important is related to the target audience. You know, there are some brands, you can even distinguish a specific tone of a color and when you see it, that brand comes to your mind. That's a great success, I think. This not only encourages the target audience to consume, but also means that the brand is recognized, has a place in his mind, maybe even memories. How successful is that, isn't it? This is why we call the handkerchief "selpak", the rubbing detergent "cif", and the glass ovenware "pyrex". These brands have entered our language as words now, isn't it incredibly powerful?

kurumsal kimlik cif

kurumsal kimlik borcam

That's how important it is to create a strong corporate identity. Well, if you ask my opinion, "How should a strong corporate identity be?", of course, I have a few humble ideas as a designer. First of all, I think originality is very important. A stance that stands out from other brands and penetrates the minds will stand out among everything. Contextual consistency often follows the importance of originality. So what is contextual consistency? In fact, it is the match of the product sold, the service provided and the action performed with the identity. Institutions that we expect to be reassuring in general are always dark blue, and food-related brands are red, that's exactly why. Thirdly, adopting corporate identity is actually a condition that makes it strong, although it may seem like a paradox, it is actually not. If a brand has not adopted that identity, does not allow it to be implemented and does not recognize it, the designed corporate identity is of no importance. In this case, we understand how important the consensus and chemistry between the designer and the brand is. Choosing the right designer is as important as knowing the brand well. The work of each designer is in a different atmosphere and the relationship between the brand and the designer should be close. If the chemistry does not match, neither side will be able to meet each other's needs. As a result, the brand will not be able to warm to the identity designed for it and will not want to apply it.

kurumsal kimlik tasarımcı

This means that creating a corporate identity is almost the first condition of making a brand work. This is so critical that it is not only in the field of graphic design; We come across page-by-page articles about the importance of this in every field of marketing, advertising and communication. Before the design, the brand should know itself well, foresee what it will do and build a vision during the establishment phase of the brand. However, after these stages are realized, cooperation should be made with the designer who can best reflect this vision. In the design process, when an uncomfortable situation occurs, it should be conveyed to the designer and the reasons should be explained. Well, of course, the identity card was not designed for nothing, right? It should be applied with pleasure!

İdil Öziş

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