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How Should Language Be Used in Animated Videos?

Updated: May 21, 2022

As Monomotion Studio, in this article, we will talk about how our language should be in animation videos.

The use of spoken language in animated videos makes that video much more watchable in terms of watchability. An animated video can become original and engaging when it doesn't feel like it was scripted by the audience. Therefore, the entire script should be written in a language that the target audience thinks is easy to understand.

Colloquial writing means: Remove professional terms, jargon, and buzzwords from the script. These words may sound good at first, but eventually they will blur your message and make it difficult to understand the purpose of the video.

animasyon video dil kullanımı

Use Simple Alternatives for Your Word Choice in Animated Video

For example, using the word but instead of but is closer to colloquialism.

Write in Short Sentences

People don't tend to speak in long monologues, so try shortening sentences if possible.

animasyon video dil kullanımı nasıl olmalıdır?

Prefer Contradictory Words Instead of Clear Words in the Video

For example, you can choose the word "can't" instead of the word "doesn't".

The bottom line: Forget about the official rules of your language for a minute and write while talking to people. Conversational tone will help people feel as if they are being addressed personally.

So how do you know if you're doing it right? Very simple. Read the content you wrote aloud to someone.

Or consult our professional team immediately and we will help you. You can click to contact us immediately.

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