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How Do You Get the Best Quality Shots with a Drone?

Updated: May 21, 2022

As the Monomotion Studio family, we have prepared an article for you on how to get the best shot with a drone. Let's examine it together:

There are a few tricks to capturing the best quality images with a drone.

1) Set Frame Rate Before Starting Drone Shooting

drone çekimi

The first thing to set before starting drone shooting is the frame rate. For example, if you get 30 frames per second, you will have the equivalent of a real television. When shooting, you should shoot in 4K to capture even the finest details. After shooting, 1080p at 60 or 120 fps should be selected to crop the frame and take action shots during the editing phase. In this way, you can easily slow down the shooting later on.

2) Make Sure You're Waiting for the Right Light for Shooting

It is an unchanging fact that soft lights give warm images. This rule also applies to drone footage. The intensity of the light is very important, especially since you will be shooting from the sky. You can get much better images if you shoot during the so-called golden hour intervals, that is, just before sunset or just after dawn. A striking contrast with the shadows is thus achieved. In addition, the images shot in these time zones create a fascinating feeling in the viewer.

drone çekimleri için püf noktalar

3) Install a Filter for a Better Drone Shooting

A filter accessory that enables slow shutter speeds will make your video much higher quality. So don't forget to use a filter. Research the right equipment well and choose the filter that will be right for you.

4) Always Look for the Right Perspectives

drone çekimi yapmak

Don't forget to find the right perspective angle while shooting. Even when shooting with an ordinary mobile phone, you can get much better quality and much different images. All you have to be careful about is not to crash with the drone to get the right perspective :)

By applying all these items, you can take a much better quality shot with the drone. But you should know that shooting with a professional team will give you much more positive results in drone shooting. As Monomotion Studio family, we are ready to take your drone shots. You can plan your drone shots by contacting us now!

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Sample Video of Our Drone Shooting Work

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