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5 Tips for Your Event Film Solutions to Succeed

With a quality event film, you can convey your product, company or service to a wide and correct audience. Event movies are dynamic by nature and enjoyable to watch. With a properly prepared event film, you can create a great image and increase your sales.

1) Choose Your Event Movie Style

Before you start filming your live event, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​what you want the final product to be. There are countless reasons to create video content, which means your video needs to be focused towards a set, attainable goal. Want to educate viewers about your brand and services with a live show? Then a simple TED Talk style video will do the trick. But if you're trying to capture the flamboyant, explosive energy of one concert to attract customers to the next, a close-up emphasis may be a better option. Think about what kind of event you're shooting, think about what you want to achieve, and start building a production framework from there.

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2) Have a Plan Throughout the Process

Because live events are spontaneous in nature, you may feel like you can easily capture them from a few camera angles. But the opposite is true: event videos require more planning than a traditional video. Map your location ahead of time, stick to a tight timetable, and make sure everyone on your team knows their responsibilities. Remember, unlike with a traditional video shoot, saying "cut" isn't an option if someone messes up their footage.

3) Prepare Your Right Sound System

Perhaps the hardest part of shooting live event video is keeping your audio quality at a premium. It is possible that you do not have the opportunity to use traditional microphones when moving around a venue. This means you may need to use smaller microphones for each camera or (if it's an event with performances using microphones) connect directly to the venue's sound system. But even so, be careful. Just because your sound looks good on indoor speakers doesn't mean it's good at recording. Have an audio engineer watch carefully for peaking, distortion, and other potential audio issues.

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4) Always Safety First

When shooting a live event for an event film, you're assuming an extra element of risk, whether you realize it or not. You should be responsible not only for your professional team, but also for an environment and people in it that wasn't designed with your shoot in mind. Most people won't be overly conscious (or care) about your equipment, crew, etc. Less awareness equals less safe behavior, so always prioritize your safety. Arrange equipment so it doesn't block walkways, and try to spot potential environmental hazards beforehand, such as uneven stairs or rickety platforms.

5) Act in Accordance with the Location Where the Event Film was Shot.

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When filming an event, remember that you are still a representative of your brand or company. Everyone on your team should act as professionally as possible, from the way they dress to the way they interact with the participants. The event itself is the focus, and disrupting the natural flow of content creation will not be well received. Always be respectful, try not to be inconspicuous, and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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