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3 Main Reasons for Shooting 360°

While 360° capture video is a mainstay among tech-savvy consumers, its popularity today is expanding rapidly with an adoption curve similar to that of mobile phones. With 360° shots, it is possible to convey every environment to your audience in the most accurate and complete way. Today, thanks to the increasing platforms, 360° shooting is gaining more popularity and becoming widespread.

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Manufacturing Technology for 360° Shooting is Cheaper and More Capable

Early 360° video production required extremely expensive cameras, editing tools and rendering software. This meant that 360° video production costs could easily reach thousands of dollars in upfront costs. Now it can be purchased with just a little budget as an entry-level product, and ready-made editing/uploading solutions make distribution costs relatively negligible. This opens the door for many consumers to produce and create relevant videos. While these technologies are still evolving, they are reaching a stable enough level of maturity for content producers to be willing to invest in the 360-degree video development market.

Ease of Viewing

Many media outlets, including the two most popular video sites in the world (YouTube and Facebook), have made consuming 360° video common and streamlined across devices. Watching videos no longer requires the purchase of special technologies such as expensive equipment. However, the adoption of essential equipment is also increasing, with some reports citing VR headset usage reaching 30% of adults in 2020.

360° video çekim


Traditional organizations and social media organizations are developing best practices for creating 360° video content. However, the guidelines for this new form of media are still being refined and developed.

Alongside technological guidance, we hope to clarify content creation considerations and help individuals and organizations focus their efforts on the most effective applications of 360° video. If you contact us for this, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our Sample Works for 360° Shooting

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