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5 Reasons and Methods to Increase Your Sales by Creating Video Content

What is video content? How is video content produced? Here's how video content production can fit your marketing strategy properly.

1) Video Content Is What People Are Looking For In 2021

One of the reasons why videos help increase your sales is because people want to consume video. According to a study, 53% of people want to see more videos in the future. When you create video content, people are more likely to watch it than any other form of content.

Due to the increased demand for videos, your video marketing will also be more likely to be seen by your target audience. When people see your brand content, they can follow you and decide to buy.

Moreover, as consumers pay more attention to your content, brand awareness and product awareness will start to increase. 80% of marketers said video content helped them increase sales.

However, to increase the chances that people will engage with your video marketing strategy and buy from you, it is essential to create high-quality content. For this, you need to be able to shoot and edit videos well.

As Monomotion Studio, we can create quality video content for you.

2. The Video Content You Prepare Should Be Useful

video içerik ile satış arttırma 1

After all, the primary goal of your content marketing efforts should be to provide valuable content to your audience. If you don't do this well, you could lose a lot of potential customers.

But just creating good content is not enough.

People are in a time constraint in today's fast-paced life. This can make it difficult for them to keep track of content consisting of large and long posts. 73% of respondents in a survey stated that they have less time to spend on reading and research. However, it was observed that 51% of these people were willing to watch videos for 5 to 20 minutes. Unlike long blog posts, videos can quickly provide valuable information. This can help you grab the attention of your audience and quickly convert them into customers.

3. Strengthen Your Emails with Video Content

Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods. In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers can make $40. However, you can optimize your email marketing campaigns to drive more sales by adding videos.

Your recipient saves time when you include videos in your emails. You can also convey your information in a shorter time and more efficiently through videos.

Moreover, due to the engaging nature of videos, people may stay in your email longer. This, in turn, can get them to click the CTA (call-to-action) button and buy from you.

4. Use Video Content on Your Landing Page

video içerik ile satış arttırma 2

Video content marketing can be extremely useful when you do it on your website. 87% of marketers said that videos increase traffic to their website.

But that's not all.

The engaging nature of videos means that people will spend more time on your pages and website. In one study, 81% of marketers said that using video in their marketing content increased the average time people spend on their website in general.

The more time visitors spend on your website, the more likely they are to discover and understand your products. This can help increase your sales.

In addition to all this,

The more time people spend on your website, the more time they spend on the site and lower bounce rates. This will positively affect your SEO. As a result, your website may start to rise in search engine results pages. This will definitely increase your website traffic.

5. Leverage Your Videos on Social Media

Social media has over 3.8 billion users, and the rise of video-focused platforms like YouTube-TikTok says a lot about video marketing trends.

By uploading videos to social media, you can reach a large audience. This can help increase your sales because 84% of consumers say they are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand's video.

What's more, people are 2x more likely to share videos with their friends compared to other content formats. As a result, you can expect more reach and sales from video content marketing on social media.

However, to be successful and stand out amongst the many videos that are flooding social media, you need to be creative and shoot high-quality videos. This process can be time consuming and require technical expertise.

Click to plan your video content production process with Monomotion Studio.

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