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The Importance of Using Hashtags in Social Media

First of all, let's make a reminder for those who know, and a light for those who don't know. What is hashtag usage?

Let's explain the use of hashtags by giving an example. For example, you will share a post on your Instagram account. Let this post be about a meal you ate at a restaurant in Istanbul. Let's say you really like this dish. You would love for everyone to eat here, wouldn't you? How will you convey this feeling to people other than those who follow you? Here is the answer to this hashtag. Hashtag usage is created by adding the letter “#” to the beginning of the words. For example, using #monomotionstudio #animasyonvideo #hashtag #hashtag is an example of using hashtags.

sosyal medya hashtag

What should we pay attention to when using hashtags?

One of the most important points we need to pay attention to when using hashtags is to use hashtags that appeal to the right target audience and content. In the past, we could see dozens of hashtags under any post on social media. This started to look ugly after a certain period of time and caused a serious decrease in hashtag usage. However, with the incoming updates, the social media algorithm now pays great attention to the accuracy of hashtag usage.

sosyal medya hashtag kullanımı

Grow Your Brand With The Right Hashtag Use!

If you have a company and you want to make your company more known on social media, the organically clearest method is to use hashtags. But let's not forget to use the right hashtag. With the use of the right Hashtag, you can reach your target audience much more easily, be seen by more people, and increase your brand awareness visibly.

As Monomotion Studio, we provide not only video support but also digital support to our customers.

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