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Production in 2D Animation Videos

If we make the definition of production in 2D animation videos, it is the process, the time period in which the scenes are formed, that is, the animations are created, as a result of bringing everything prepared together. In this time period; The environment, that is, the scene, is created, the character activities to be used are created one by one, the background is beautified, the sketches are written and prepared, the 2D animation is copied, the frames that show the movement between the drawings, ie "inbetweening", are added to show the characters and the environment moving, with utilities or With the software, the drawings are colored, combined and exporting, that is, rendering, is started.

2D animasyon videosu prodüksiyon

Exposure for 2D Animation Production

The Monomotion Studio team uses an exposure sheet with instructions showing how the scenes will go because they put everything together.

The exposure page is divided into 5 sections;

1. Action and timing

2. 2D Animation Layers

3. Dialogues, Sounds and Music

4. Ambience, So Backgrounds

5. Perspective

What is Tracing and Inbetweening in 2D

Animated Videos?

Once the 2D animation video sketch is created by the Monomotion Studio team, the created 2D animation video needs to be cleaned and polished. This event is called "tracing". This can be done in several ways. It can be done directly on the same layer or on a new layer with different colors.

2D animasyon videosu prodüksiyon

Tweening, on the other hand, is done by adding extra drawings between two frames to add a clearer animated 2D Animation video. For example, when you draw a running man, you need to draw a square between the starting point and the ending point.

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Examples of Our 2D Animation Videos

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