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Monomotion Studio Produces Videos for the Health Industry

Animation, whiteboard and motion graphics videos are indispensable communication tools in the multidisciplinary healthcare industry as they are the best ways to explain complex ideas. Health-related issues are often difficult to grasp by patients. Explainer videos are the ideal way to convey to patients the benefits of products and why they are of interest to them.

Preferring short, animated videos to convey the difference, benefit and content of the newly released products from the previous ones to doctors, nurses and all health institutions instead of long and only visual expressions, increases the success of the product.

The rate of acceptance of the products told by storytelling by the target audience is quite high. Thanks to the videos prepared by Monomotion's professional team, buyers who experience the feeling of "experience" internalize the product much more easily.

Video narrations, which are also effective for marketing and creating brand value, support your corporate culture and vision with their modern approaches.

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In which areas does the Health Industry use videos?

1) Product Action Descriptions:

Using animated videos to explain the reactions and processes of health products at the molecular level facilitates the narration and increases the memorability.

2) Disease Education:

Videos used to explain the symptoms and effects of diseases such as newly discovered viruses are specially prepared for healthcare professionals.

3) Explanations for the Patient:

Narrated videos are prepared to inform the patient about symptoms, disease, product, and healthy life.


4) In-House Trainings:

It is prepared specifically for the institution in order to ensure communication within the institution and inform the stakeholders.


5) Branding:

Videos that will increase the brand value of the institution are prepared for many channels from television to the internet and provide great support for the sector leadership.

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