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Monomotion Studio Produces Videos for Public Institutions

Video is a proven method of communicating ideas and policies. While the rate of forgetting of messages sent only by aural route is high, messages supported by visuals are permanent in memory. Moreover, research shows that narrated narratives are accepted and internalized at a much higher rate than plain messages.

When a government agency or political party decides to raise awareness about an issue, inform voters, or announce new policies and platforms, explainer videos are the ideal tool to use. The complex structure of political issues becomes easier to understand for the target audience thanks to scripted colorful videos. Moreover, thanks to the easy access and sharing option, messages reach many people with less effort.

Explanatory videos are the best method to eliminate communication problems and prevent misunderstandings and propaganda while conveying government policies that affect everyone to the public. Be it animation, whiteboard or motion graphics videos, the video is unequivocally successful in leaving no blind spots in explaining policies.

Videos, which are versatile and provide ease of personal sharing, offer the opportunity to be used in many channels from the corporate website to social networks, from presentations to direct e-mail. Moreover, each of your videos, which will be prepared by the professional team of Monomotion with the language and original scenario shaped according to your target audience, will ensure that your message goes to the right place, in the right way.

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In which areas do Public Institutions use videos?

1) Political Education:

Using training videos while explaining related and complex ideas provides communication facilities to your institution. Public videos that will inform the public about the new policies ensure that the message you want to convey is conveyed completely.


2) Process Descriptions:

Some formal processes are very difficult to explain. Addressing the target audience by having to address dozens of details of the program distracts attention and makes it impossible to convey the message. In such cases, explanatory videos convey the message you want to convey by establishing a sustainable connection with your target audience.

3)Legal Trainings:

There are legal obligations that many small and large institutions have to comply with. To avoid mistakes when explaining these laws and regulations, the ideal solution is narrative explanatory videos.

4) Public Education:

The biggest solution partner for conveying information that needs to be conveyed in a limited time is explanatory public education videos. With the videos that can be adapted for many channels, it is also possible to establish a connection with the target audience.

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