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Monomotion Studio,Produces Videos for Nonprofits

Animated videos are an excellent way for nonprofits to convey their message. Telling your purpose by telling a story in videos that are diversified for different target audiences allows you to be assimilated by the buyers.


Moreover, since videos are easy to access and share, you can reach huge audiences with little effort.


Videos enable you to reach your target audience both visually and audibly for your purposes such as raising public awareness, spreading a call, creating coherent messages. It is also your biggest assistant in conveying complex messages such as the data you get from your campaigns.

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In which areas does the Non-Profit Organization use videos?

1) Donation Campaigns:

Nonprofits need donations to survive. This happens with the solid bond you need to establish and maintain between you and your target audience. Narrated animation, whiteboard and graphic videos allow you to truly connect with your audience.


2) Sponsor Linked Trainings:
Posting videos that mention sponsors while continuing public education is important to both fulfilling and maintaining your organization's purpose.

3)Personalized Donor Admissions:

Sending personalized videos to donors after their donation strengthens the bond between you. Easily customizable animated videos are the most expressive way to say thank you.

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