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Monomotion Studio Produces Videos for Human Resources

Since human resources companies and human resources departments in companies always have employee traffic, informing each new member requires constant time and effort.

Informing current and especially new employees about company dynamics and regulations with colorful videos is a great time saver and makes the details more memorable. Videos prepared for internal or external stakeholders provide a better understanding of the details with rewind features.

One of the problems that human resources frequently encounter is training on complex issues. The question of whether the topics will be understood by the target audience is always on the agenda.

The ideal solution of human resources in education. are video lectures.

Telling even the most complex subjects in a few minutes provides great convenience and savings. Instead of a training meeting to be held with reluctant participants, an animated video that will keep the attention of the target audience alive ensures that the message reaches its place completely.

The situation, problem or training to be conveyed is narrated by Monomotion's professional team and turned into a video with the strongest narration. Narrated video, which combines visual symbols and audio messages, enables the target audience to fully understand and assimilate the message.

In which areas does Human Resources use videos?

1) Adaptation and Code of Conduct:

Every company has its own unique code of conduct. It is difficult for new employees to learn these rules and it can cause adaptation problems and reduce productivity, especially in the first working days. Codes of conduct conveyed with narrative videos and comparative narratives enable new employees to learn all the details easily.


2) Employee Training: 

When new elements are added to the operating procedures or new policies are developed by the company, it can be difficult for the entrenched staff to learn the new rules. Animated videos based on the sense of experience play a key role in facilitating the acceptance of messages.

3) Internal Messages and Announcements:

Video method is used to avoid the difficulties experienced in announcing the complex decisions taken by the institution to the employees. Videos make it easy to understand the rules, which contain many details, and ensure the correct evaluation of the data.

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