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Monomotion Studio Produces PR Videos

Animated videos are the most modern and powerful way to manage communications. Using short and shareable videos is the ideal way to draw public attention to the behavior of the organizations represented and strengthen the bond. Capturing and empathizing with the target audience through narrative videos is easier than ever before.

Information to be made public about the represented persons and institutions is often not conveyed as desired. Thanks to the videos, all the details desired to be given can be conveyed by keeping the attention of the target audience at the highest level. The storytelling of the videos also increases the memorability.

In which areas does PR use videos?

1) Event Announcement:

Videos play a key role in getting big events out to the widest possible audience. Short, lively and modern videos are easy to share so they reach many people with little effort.

2) Sharing Important Issues with the Public: 

When you need to share a company policy or the foundation that drives the event, you can benefit from videos that present all the details in a memorable way. Considering that the announcements made in the classical media are often not paid attention to, you can share your important announcement videos with remarkable videos on the internet.

3) Event Chart Sharing:

It is confusing to convey activity schedules with classical tables, with many numbers and details. In order to avoid confusion, choosing videos that assimilate and convey all the details to your team with both visual and auditory messages will enable you to sign successful events.

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