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Monomotion Studio Prepares Videos for the Finance Sector

Explainer videos are ideal advertising and marketing tools for financial firms as they are the most effective way to explain complex ideas. Videos, in which visual and auditory messages are used at the same time, are the most perfect helpers in conveying concepts and solutions where many data, graphics and numbers come together. Videos can be used in presentations, on company websites, and in any medium to inform new customers in any field of finance.

The financial sector becomes complex, especially in the minds of customers and new employees, as it contains abstract concepts. In order to overcome this problem, the data narrated with catchy scenarios by Monomotion's professional staff are animated with moving figures and take their place in the minds of the target audience.

In an industry that undergoes frequent procedural changes, such as finance, employees and customers may find it difficult to break out of previously accepted patterns. To explain the new procedures and regulations in the simplest way and to ensure that they are remembered  are missions successfully accomplished by explanatory videos.

In which areas does the Finance Industry use videos?

1) Educational Videos 

Loans, debts, savings and all financial matters are terms that are difficult to understand for non-financial individuals. Using explanatory videos to explain the procedures and rules at points where your customers have difficulty grasping the work you do will both facilitate your communication and strengthen the bond between you.

2)Personalized Invoice Updates: 

Banks prepare invoices with an increasing number of methods and deliver them to their customers. However, these methods remain limited on paper. In this age where we live together with the digital environment, the billing system of a modern and visionary bank should also fit its corporate identity. Moreover, with the invoices and billing systems conveyed with explanatory and personalized videos, it is very easy to answer the questions that bother customers.

3) Regulation Change Announcements:  

Explainer videos are the easiest way for banks and financial companies to announce their changing regulations. As company practices change, communicating this to customers and stakeholders is vital for a serious industry like finance. Explanatory videos prepared to avoid confusing the details of the changed regulation are the perfect solution for important issues such as rule change, as they can be watched over and over on request.


4) Definitions of Financial Instruments: 

Explanatory videos come into play when the target audience cannot figure out what financial instruments do. Specially shaped scenarios give the target audience the feeling of one-on-one experience, enabling them to absorb the benefits of financial instruments and increase their confidence.

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