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Monomotion Studio Produces Videos for the Education Sector

Video is the best way to convey complex ideas in a targeted and memorable way. Although these features make video indispensable for many sectors, its role is especially great in the education sector.

Storytelling is one of the most successful methods of teaching new information. Messages embedded in fiction are easily accepted by the brain. The story is easily remembered because it follows a logical sequence. In addition, the message given is highly memorable as it touches both senses, both visually and auditorily.


Studies show that the recall rate of messages received only through auditory route is less than 50%, and the recall rate of the same message reaches 80% when combined with visual elements. In line with all these reasons, video narration is the golden path to success, whether in the education sector, in transferring information to students, or in in-house trainings to be given to employees in any sector.

Where can educational videos be used?

1) Campaigns:

Regardless of the type of your campaign, its primary goal is always to connect you with people. Even if you use the most concise version of the information you have, people may not be willing to listen to you. At this point, video narration is the ideal solution. With colorful animations and scenarios tailored to your message, it includes the target audience into the world of your campaign from the very first moment.

2) Collective Education:

When you need to make public informational statements or provide training, video lectures are the perfect way to connect with your audience. You can publish the video prepared for your target during your speech, upload it to your website, and send it directly via e-mail. Training videos, which are very easy to share and spread, will be your biggest help in reaching your goal.

3) Schools:

Videos provide great convenience in explaining the complex topics you teach during the lesson. Especially in subjects containing many numbers, it makes it easier for students to both understand and remember the data and graphics by visualizing them in their minds.

4) In-House Trainings:

Understanding some of the procedures and rules your organization has can be difficult for new employees. A video explaining what new employees need to know helps to better understand the rules and is a time-saving long-term investment that you can share with any new employee.

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