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Monomotion Studio Prepares Videos for the Informatics Industry

Short videos are the biggest helpers in conveying the complex messages of the IT industry to the target audience. It is insufficient to use only visual or only auditory methods to be aware of the details of the messages in which many data are shared. Videos that support visual symbols with auditory messages are the ideal way to convey details with their replayable features.

Using narrative videos to help the audience understand why they need emerging products increases sales success.


With the videos created by the professional team of Monomotion by assimilating the stories, the memorability of the new products is also high.

It is absurd from the very beginning for a sector that always symbolizes the new, such as informatics, to maintain its communication with past technologies. Short videos, the most modern form of communication, are the ideal solution partner of the IT industry.

In which areas does the IT Industry use videos?

1) Item Description: 

Videos used to explain the benefits of new products directly affect the behavior of the target audience and increase product sales.

2) Data Visualization: 

In cases of data transfer with many figures and tables, written reports are considered unpositioned information. Transmitting this information via video allows for a true representation of data and facilitates long-term storage.

3) Demo: 

Sometimes the best way to describe your products is to show them how they work. A short and narrative product video gives the target audience a sense of real experience, allowing them to understand and connect with the product.


4) Customer Service: 

Understanding and using technology products is difficult for most users. In order to overcome this difficulty, preparing a video that shows your customers how to use the product not only makes their job easier, but also allows you to have a user-friendly image.


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