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What is SWOT Analysis?

The name of the SWOT analysis is formed by combining the initials of 4 different sections.

In the first section, you can list your strengths. In this section, you can list many of your strengths, such as the resources you have, your experience or the location of your business.

In the second part, you can list your weaknesses. For example, you can add your weaknesses such as not having enough experience and high prices.

In the third section, you can list your Opportunities. For example, if there is little competition in the sector you want to enter, this is an opportunity for you and you can list it in this field.

In the fourth section, you can list the elements that threaten you. Here you can list threats such as high raw material prices but low selling prices

SWOT analizi nasıl yapılır?


What is the Explanation of Letters in SWOT Analysis?

The letter S stands for strengths.

The letter W stands for weaknesses.

The letter O stands for opportunities.

The letter T stands for threats.

The letters “S” and “W” in SWOT analysis refer to internal factors. So it is something in your hands. The letters “O” and “T” represent external factors. In other words, it is the whole of the events that occur due to market conditions that are out of your control.

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SWOT Analysis and Video

Creating a video after doing the SWOT analysis makes it much easier to get that video to its purpose. After the SWOT Analysis is done, you will understand more clearly what you want to tell in that video. Thus, you can attract the attention of the target audience more easily. Telling your target audience about your strengths directly takes you one step ahead. It is very important to construct the SWOT analysis correctly. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for you to have it done by a specialist. As Monomotion Studio, we take the SWOT analysis down to the finest detail, share with you how we will develop your company, and implement it together.

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