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What is Funnel?

A funnel is actually a type of reporting that visualizes the customer journey of your users, target audience. In some places, you may come across names such as marketing funnel, sales funnel, but do not be surprised, in fact, they all serve the same purpose.

A funnel is a flowchart where you can follow your users' steps on their way to your targeted conversion. In these steps, you can track the loss of users, numerically or proportionally, in the conversion funnel. Thus, you can analyze the whole process in detail and focus on the missing points and perform your optimizations. The funnel can consist of many layers. These layers may differ according to each business model.

We will first examine the funnel in 3 basic steps, as Instagram categorizes its own advertising models. Once you understand the basics of the business, you can customize these steps according to your own business.

First Step to Funnel Awareness:

In this part of the funnel, you can talk about the benefits of more products. At this stage, a more visual communication with the target audience is provided. As an example, we can give Youtube ads, Instagram story ads as an example. This includes traditional ads. Traditional advertisements are Poster, Radio and TV advertisements.

Second Step Interest:

In this step, since you have attracted the attention of some of the people who come to the awareness section, you need to move it to this section. Some give up, while others are closer to transforming. Accordingly, the strategies you will establish in this step should be different from the awareness part.

Third Step Conversion:

Users at the bottom of the Funnel are now users who have decided to buy. That's why we call this part the transformation. So, should we stop interacting with users who have converted now? Of course not. You can make them buy again and again by advertising to this part, and you can make a lot of profit in the long run.

Funnel and Video:

dönüşüm hunisi video

In the Funnel; Video advertising in the awareness, interest and conversion section can increase the number of customers remaining in the conversion section for you. Especially with the growing social media

funnel video funnel video

Together, people started watching videos that piqued their interest. At the beginning of this is 2D Animation videos. You can take yourself and your brand one step ahead by creating 2D Animation videos according to your Funnel planning. As Monomotion Studio, we make the best of your planning, we create videos according to that target audience while passing through the Funnel Steps!

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